Katie Agre | oneAMYLOIDOSISvoice

Katie Agre, MS, LCGC

Licensed Genetic Counselor
Department of Clinical Genomics
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota, United States

Katie Agre is a clinical genetic counselor in the Department of Clinical Genomics at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Katie graduated from the University of Minnesota Genetic Counseling Program in 2016. As a clinical genetic counselor, Katie specializes in cardiology, but also sees oncology and general genetics patients.

Katie is actively involved in the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC), particularly as a co-chair of the Cardiovascular Special Interest Group and chair of the Amyloidosis Working Group. She enjoys working with students and is an active supervisor for the joint University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic rotation program. She is also a coordinator of the Mayo Clinic Student Shadowing program.

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