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Walter Feigenson

Portland, Oregon, United States

Walter Feigenson learned he has ATTRwt after more than a decade of searching for the source of his breathing problems. He moved to Portland in late 2018, where he had arranged to see a doctor at OHSU’s heart failure clinic for pulmonary hypertension. Fortunately, his new cardiologist knew all about amyloidosis, and diagnosed ATTRwt within a month. Finally! Answers to years of questions, which had left a clear trail of early ATTR danger signs: bilateral carpal tunnel, lumbar stenosis, ruptured biceps tendon, and trigger fingers.

Walter had never heard of amyloidosis before the diagnosis, but he immediately digested every piece of information he could find. He thinks it’s important for patients to be as educated as possible about their conditions, so they can participate in treatment. Over time, as his knowledge deepened, he began responding to people who were asking questions on social media sites. Now, he has a simple explanation of amyloidosis he forces each new doctor to listen to. Why? As Dr Matthew Maurer says: “ATTR is easy to diagnose if you think about it.”

Walter’s objective is to help people navigate their way through their own diagnosis and treatment, and especially to raise awareness of amyloidosis in the medical community. Early diagnosis and treatment will save a lot of suffering. Pass it on…

Walter has been featured on Pfizer’s GetHealthyStayHealthy website:

He was also seen on the CBS show “The Doctors” –

He was filmed for a Facebook video produced by Pfizer:

Walter was a “Heart Hero” in 2019:

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