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Cured Amyloidosis Patient Home Page

Recently I saw a movie with Robert Redford, “All is Lost”. Takes me back. Before we were married my future wife and I charted a bare boat Morgan 29′ sloop in the Bahama Out Islands at Hope Town. Right under the candy cane striped lighthouse. As a teenager I crewed and sailed Comets – 16′ sloop. 

I hadn’t been sailing in 10 years. It was an adventure. Redford’s sloop wasn’t much bigger than the Morgan 29′ we had rented. To be 1300 miles out to sea like Redford. In a boat that size is crazy. We were always in sight of land and I had made up my mind if we were in real trouble, I’d just beach it. The hell with liability. 

The sailing was great. Out islands form an oval shaped loop and by staying inside the loop you were never out of sight of land. The last day, on the way back to Hope Town, the wind really kicked up. 


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