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Treatment, Recovery And Renewal – Michael York

I live in Los Angeles in California but, as a performer, have had the good fortune to travel and work internationally for the past 50 or so years.
My amyloidosis announced its unwelcome arrival around 2008, if not a little before, when I was in my late 60s, with the manifestation of persistent dark circles around my eyes. When these worsened, with the deep shadows taking on a purple hue, a hospital checkup concluded that I was suffering from multiple myeloma with an amyloidosis association.
Having practiced homeopathic and naturopathic medicine for most of my adult life, my first instinct was to treat this condition by the same means. Initially I had some success, delaying the onset of more severe symptoms. But these inexorably arrived and eventually I was persuaded to undergo chemotherapy at a local hospital in Los Angeles.


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