Diana Williams Wins Mother of the Year After Husband's Battle With Cancer | oneAMYLOIDOSISvoice

Diana Williams Wins Mother of the Year After Husband’s Battle With Cancer

It is now nearly four years since my husband, Doug, was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called Amyloidosis.
It came out of the blue, though we now realize the symptoms of the disease had been building for months, if not years. At the time he was diagnosed in late November 2014, we had three grown children living on their own and 30 plus years of marriage. It was supposed to be the beginning of “our” time – until everything changed in an instant. 
It was Thanksgiving and instead of discussing how we were going to cook the turkey(s) we were telling our children and family that Doug had a disease no one had ever heard of or could even pronounce. We warned them not to Google it, because most of the information is gloomy.
Diana Williams Wins Mother Of The Year After Husband’s Battle With Cancer


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