New Miami Hurricanes DL Coach Todd Stroud has Overcome Life Threatening Illness

New Miami Hurricanes defensive line coach and assistant head coach Todd Stroud will be able to teach his players about adversity from first-hand experience. In 2015 Stroud was diagnosed with the potentially fatal disease amyloidosis.
The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson described amyloidosis as “a cancer-like blood disease caused from a buildup of protein in his organs.” Stroud’s initial diagnosis was 24-36 months to live. 
Football Scoop detailed Stroud’s health problems before he received the tough diagnosis. Stroud would sit by the heater in his office because the air conditioner gave him chills according to Football Scoop. Stroud’s wife Marianne told the Akron-Beacon Journal that he had multiple symptoms indicating something was wrong.
New Miami Hurricanes DL Coach Todd Stroud Has Overcome Life Threatening Illness