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Dinesh K. Kalra, MD

Healthcare Professional
Advanced Cardiac Imaging
Department of Cardiology
Rush University Medical Center
1653 W. Congress Parkway
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Dinesh Kalra is an Attending Cardiologist and Assistant Professor and Director of Advanced Cardiac Imaging in the Department of Cardiology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He specializes in echocardiography, cardiac CT, and MRI. He received his medical degree from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in 1994 and served his residency and fellowship at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He has been in practice since 2002 and at Rush since 2015.
Dr. Kalra’s clinical and research interests are in cardiac CT for studying vulnerable coronary plaque and plaque regression. He is also investigating the role of cardiac MRI in earlier diagnosis of cardiomyopathies including Fabry, as well as in the RV dysfunction that occurs in pulmonary hypertension. His clinical research interests include new drug therapies in lipidology and pulmonary hypertension.
Dinesh Kalra serves on the education committee of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance and is a member of the research committee in the department of cardiology. He has published numerous original and review articles in leading peer-reviewed journals such as Circulation, ATVB, and PLoS One. He has been invited to give lectures at national symposia as well as internationally on his research areas.
Representative Publications:


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