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Patient Support Professionals

Elizabeth Pelletier, MA

Patient Support Professional
Patient Coordinator
Boston University Amyloidosis Center
72 East Concord Street, K-503
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Elizabeth Pelletier Jones is a patient coordinator at Boston University Amyloidosis Center. She is an analytical, detail oriented and hard-working individual seeking opportunities for creative problem solving and collaboration with others. As a patient coordinator she coordinates and schedules patients from all over the world, works with external, national and international institutions to facilitate patient care, at times functioning as patient advocate and caseworker and organizes confidential patient data and information.
She has been an Administrative Assistant at Boston University School of Law where she assisted student learning of legal practice in civil litigation and criminal law clinics. Besides this Elizabeth Pelletier has been a Substitute Teacher at Bangor Area School Districts and Copy Editor and Layout Designer at The University of Maine.
Elizabeth Pelletier completed her graduation in history and studio art from The University of Maine and Master’s in editorial studies from Boston University.


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