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Lawreen H. Connors, PhD

Alan and Sandra Gerry
Amyloid Research Laboratory
Amyloidosis Center
Boston University School of Medicine
72 East Concord Street, K-503
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Dr. Connors completed her graduation from Boston College and Master’s from Tufts University, followed by Ph.D from Boston University.

She is currently Director at Alan and Sandra Gerry Amyloid Research Laboratory, Amyloidosis Center and Co-director at Amyloid Pathology and Molecular Testing Laboratory, Boston Medical Center. She is also a member of the International Society for Amyloidosis.

Lawreen Connors is affiliated with the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and the Department of Biochemistry, BUSM.

Her research mainly focuses on understanding the amyloidogenic nature of transthyretin (TTR), normally a soluble protein present in plasma and cerebral spinal fluid. The research investigations are aimed at identifying specific factors required to initiate the disease process; these factors likely include structural features that are both intrinsic and extrinsic to TTR.  Specific areas of interest include the roles of amino acid alterations, post-translational modifications (glycosylation, sulfonation, cysteinylation) and heteroassociations in TTR amyloid fibril formation.


Representative Publications:

Serum Proteomic Variability Associated with Clinical Phenotype in Familial Transthyretin Amyloidosis (ATTRm)

Hereditary Renal Amyloidosis Associated With a Novel Apolipoprotein A-II Variant

In vitro co-expression of human amyloidogenic immunoglobulin light and heavy chain proteins: a relevant cell-based model of AL amyloidosis

Blood Proteomic Profiling in Inherited (ATTRm) and Acquired (ATTRwt) Forms of Transthyretin-Associated Cardiac Amyloidosis

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