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Marcia Waddington-Cruz, MD, PhD

Healthcare Professional / Researcher
Neuromuscular Diseases Unit
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Av. Pedro Calmon. 550 - Building of the Rectory, 2nd floor
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Márcia Waddington-Cruz is Chief of the Neuromuscular Diseases Unit at the University Hospital, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Waddington-Cruz has been overseeing the Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy (FAP) Patient Care Clinic at the hospital for over 20 years. The first liver transplant was performed in Rio de Janeiro in 1997, and Dr Waddington-Cruz is providing care for nearly 100 FAP subjects, both before and after transplantation.
Dr. Waddington-Cruz is participating in several research programs to evaluate the incidence of FAP in Brazil and the genetic profile of the disease among Portuguese and Brazilian families. She is actively involved in several clinical trials to study potential therapies for FAP. Dr. Waddington-Cruz has enrolled 97 subjects in the THAOS international disease registry, to help clinicians and subjects better understand this disease and aid in the diagnosis and treatment of amyloidosis.
Dr. Waddington-Cruz works with the Amyloidosis laboratory at the Biochemistry Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro directed by Professor Débora Foguel, PhD and with Sonda Genetic Laboratory directed by Prof. Franklin David Rumjanek aiming to better understand the genetic profile of FAP in the Brazilian population and to correlate it with several clinical phenotypes and biomarkers of disease severity.
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