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Michelle O’Shaughnessy, MD

Healthcare Professional
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Nephrology
The Stanford University Medical Center
300 Pasteur Drive
1st Floor, Suite A175
Stanford, California, United States
Michelle O’Shaughnessy, MB BCh, MS, MRCPI, is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Nephrology at The Stanford University Medical Center. She underwent clinical training in internal medicine and nephrology in Ireland, Australia, and the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN), before coming to Stanford in 2013 to complete a nephrology research fellowship along with an M.S. degree in epidemiology and clinical research. Her fellowship research was supported by a Ben J. Lipps research fellowship from the American Society of Nephrology and by an industry-sponsored fellowship award.
She joined the nephrology faculty at Stanford in 2016 and has become an integral member of Stanford’s Glomerular Disease Center and Amyloid Center. In addition to seeing patients affected by kidney diseases such as amyloid, she conducts clinical outcomes studies using large patient databases and is an investigator for industry-sponsored clinical trials and National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded cohort studies. 
Her research focuses particularly on patients with diseases affecting the glomerulus (or filtering apparatus) of the kidney, among which amyloid is an important cause.
Representative Publications:


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