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Seema Dangwal, PhD

Cardiovascular Institute
The Stanford University Medical Center
300 Pasteur Dr Rm A260
MC 5319
Stanford, California, United States
Seema Dangwal received PhD in vascular pharmacology from Duesseldorf, Germany in 2010 with the best doctoral thesis award. During her first postdoc in Dr. Thomas Thum’s lab in Hannover Germany, she got trained in non-coding RNA driven translational research and high throughput biomarkers screening in cardiovascular diseases. In 2012, she received European Foundation (EFSD) grant and DHD fellowship to study platelet miRNA mediated vascular cell cross talk in cardiovascular complications. 
Later in 2014, she secured German Research Foundation (DFG) independent PI grant and investigated bulk and single cell RNA sequencing-based molecular mechanisms of impaired tissue repair in diabetic patients in Dr. Aristidis Veves’ lab at BIDMC, Boston.
 In August 2018, she joined Stanford School of Medicine as a junior faculty. Her major research interests are novel biomarker search and non-coding (mi-, lnc-, circ-) RNAs driven molecular and cellular mechanisms of tissue tropism in amyloidosis, inflammation, CVD and diabetes associated complications.
Representative Publications:


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