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Shaji Kumar, MD

Healthcare Professional
Division of Hematology
Mayo Clinic
200 First St. SW
Rochester, Minnesota, United States

Shaji Kumar is a hematologist in Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Kumar completed MBBS and clinical residency from All India Institute of Medical Sciences and obtained fellowship in Hematology/ Oncology from Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. His areas of interests are amyloidosis and multiple myeloma. 

The research of Shaji Kumar focuses on development of novel drugs for treatment of myeloma. Dr. Kumar’s research team evaluates the in vitro activity of novel drugs that, based on their mechanisms of action, are likely to have activity in the setting of myeloma. Promising drugs are brought into the clinic through early-stage clinical trials in Phase I or II studies.

Dr. Kumar also evaluates novel combinations of different drugs to identify synergistic combinations that can result in better treatment responses and eventually better patient outcomes.  

Dr.Kumar’s clinical research focuses on outcomes of patients with myeloma and amyloidosis, especially high-risk disease.


Representative Publications:

Patterns of Amiodarone-Induced Thyroid Dysfunction in Infants and Children

Infratentorial Developmental Venous Abnormalities and Inflammation Increase Odds of Sporadic Cavernous Malformation

Outcomes of patients with multiple myeloma refractory to CD38-targeted monoclonal antibody therapy 

Natural history of multiple myeloma with de novo del(17p) 


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