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Stacey A. Goodman, MD

Healthcare Professional
Bone Marrow Transplant Program
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
1211 Medical Center Drive
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Stacey A. Goodman is a Professor of Medicine, Director of Vanderbilt Medical Center Bone Marrow Transplant Program and Team Leader of Vanderbilt Amyloidosis Multidisciplinary Program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Her areas of expertise include bone marrow transplant, cancer, hematologic cancer, hematology, hematology/oncology, leukemia, acute and chronic, lymphoma, low, intermediate, and high grade and stem cell transplant. 
Dr. Goodman received her medical degree from New York University. She completed her internship and residency from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She also completed her fellowships from National Heart Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
Dr. Goodman specializes in hematological malignancies and stem cell transplantation. Due to the technical nature and difficulty of bone marrow transplants, she collaborates with several centers nationally as well as numerous divisions within Vanderbilt. She is also involved in collaborative efforts with the San Antonio Bone Marrow Transplant Center to study the outcome of allogeneic bone marrow transplants following a relapse from autologous bone marrow transplants. As one of three Bone Marrow Transplant Directors in the National Veterans Affairs System, she provides a unique leadership role. Dr. Goodman is also one of the lead contributors to the intergroup trial of stem cell transplantation and multiple myeloma.
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