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Allegheny Health Network Amyloidosis Program

30 Isabella St.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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The new Amyloidosis Program at Allegheny Health Network (AHN) will draw upon the amyloid expertise of providers across multiple sub-specialties to develop individualized treatment plans for patients. With the help of increasingly sophisticated diagnostic testing and enhanced clinical awareness about the disease, this historically elusive condition can now be diagnosed in a timelier and more accurate fashion.

Physicians at Allegheny Health Network believe a novel multidisciplinary approach to patient care, together with emerging diagnostic and therapeutic advances can help to transform a rare disease called amyloidosis from a terminal illness into a manageable one.

AHN has built a team that brings together not only cardiologists specializing in heart failure and cardiac imaging, but also hematologists, nephrologists, neurologists, pathologists, and palliative care providers, plus nurses, pharmacists, genetic counselors, social workers, and nutritionists. They have developed pathways and protocols to enable a faster diagnosis that allows treatment to start as quickly as possible.


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