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Amyloid Center, Stanford Health Care

300 Pasteur Drive
2nd Floor, Room A260
Stanford, California, United States
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The Amyloidosis center at Stanford Health Care is one of the largest treatment centers for amyloidosis in the nation, where the doctors work with patients to provide the best possible treatment plan for this complex disease.

The Stanford Amyloid Center is at the forefront of amyloidosis treatment and research and provides an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to the care of patients. The center offers clinical trials and is dedicated to learning more about the disease and advancing treatment options.

Since amyloidosis affects multiple organs in the body, it is important to have a comprehensive and coordinated treatment plan that addresses all aspects of the disease. This center brings together experts across 10 specialties who develop an individualized treatment plan for the patients. 

The team includes Stanford specialists in the following areas:

• Cardiology

• Hematology

• Otolaryngology

• Rheumatology

• Nephrology