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Amyloid Clinic, Houston Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center

6445 N Main St 26th Floor
Houston, Texas, United States
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At the Amyloid Clinic at Houston Methodist J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center, the condition is treated with a combination of chemotherapy and blood stem cell infusions. In addition, the team manages the underlying causes of amyloidosis with medication to reduce pain, fluid retention, inflammation, thin the blood and control the heart rate. If condition worsens to the point of organ failure, they may recommend a transplant.
In addition, a transplant may be necessary to replace an organ that has failed because of a buildup of amyloids in that organ; in earlier stages of the condition, the transplant team may suggest a transplant of the organ responsible for generating the proteins (liver or bone marrow) in order to slow the progression of the disease. If you are on dialysis, replacing a kidney may help slow the dialysis-related version of amyloidosis.
The team here is dedicated in providing outstanding care, resources and support to help patients and their families face organ and tissue transplant, as well as advanced organ failure management.


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