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Amyloidosis Research Consortium

320 Nevada St., Suite 210
Newton, Massachusetts, United States
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The Amyloidosis Research Consortium (ARC) is a global organization founded in 2015. Their mission is dedicated to changing the way research is being done and focuses on what will have the greatest impact on improving the lives of patients. The ARC forges collaborations across industry, academia and regulatory to more rapidly advance the discovery of new treatments.


Goals and Objectives

-Accelerating Diagnosis: Building comprehensive programs to educate physicians and provide the tools needed to ensure that patients are diagnosed earlier.

-Advancing Research: Actively collaborating with key stakeholders to shape the research environment and optimize scarce resources.

-Accessible Treatment: Engaging with policy makers to improve the understanding of amyloidosis and to speed new therapies to market.

-Supporting Patients: Empowering patients with innovative educational tools and support to ensure they have access to the best quality of care.

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