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Association of Black Cardiologists

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Washington, DC, United States
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Founded in 1974, the Association of Black Cardiologists, Inc., (ABC) is a non-profit organization with an international membership of over 1,800 health professionals, lay members of the community (Community Health Advocates), corporate members, and institutional members. The ABC is dedicated to eliminating the disparities related to cardiovascular disease in all people of color. 
The Association of Black Cardiologists, Inc. is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).  The mission of Association of Black Cardiologists is to promote the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, including stroke, in blacks and other minorities and to achieve health equity for all through the elimination of disparities.
In 1974, Richard Allen Williams, MD, FACC founded the Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC) with 17 other dedicated medical professionals. 
The ABC is encouraged by new treatment strategies under investigation and is particularly optimistic about the recent FDA approval of Patisiran for treatment of hATTR (hereditary amyloidosis) and its potential to reverse or mitigate its debilitating manifestations, including a decline in cardiac functioning.


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