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Duke University Health System is committed to conducting innovative basic and clinical research, rapidly translating breakthrough discoveries to patient care and population health, providing a unique educational experience to future clinical and scientific leaders, improving the health of populations, and actively seeking policy and intervention-based solutions to complex global health challenges.
Duke hematologists diagnose and treat amyloidosis, a rare blood disease in which a part of the body produces abnormal proteins that interfere with normal organ function. While there is no cure for most forms of amyloidosis, we can help you manage the disease with innovative treatments that limit your body’s production of the amyloid protein.
Amyloidosis is not a common disease, but it can be serious. You may be at increased risk for amyloidosis if you have multiple myeloma, lymphoma, or kidney disease and are on long-term dialysis. Our specialists undergo advanced training, and have years of experience treating amyloidosis. As experts in its treatment, we use the latest advances to control your amyloidosis. We identify your risk for complications, manage your related conditions, and use the resources available to us as a major medical center to maximize your quality of life.

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