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Joanne Wood Scholarship Fund

106 South Great Road
Lincoln, Massachusetts, United States
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The Joanne Wood Scholarship Fund is a charity organization that was created in 2012 to honor the life of Joanne Wood and help with something she believed in strongly, education. The Joanne Wood Scholarship is awarded to exceptional students who are pursuing a graduate degree in math, science or business. 
The Joanne Wood Scholarship Fund was established in Joanne’s name by her family, friends and colleagues shortly after her death to memorialize Joanne in an honorable and befitting manner and to promote a cause she passionately believed e.g education.
Joanne was diagnosed with primary amyloidosis in January of 2006. Joanne was given a short time to live. It is a testament to her sheer will to live, fantastic care, innovative treatments and the love and support of her family, friends and colleagues, that allowed her to survive for over 6 years. The Joanne Wood Scholarship Fund is made possible by wonderful volunteers and generous donations.


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