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Miami Cancer Institute forges new ground in cancer treatment, clinical expertise, research and discovery to pave the way for personalized care delivered with the heart of Baptist Health. Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida provides every diagnostic tool needed to accurately diagnose and stage myeloma. 

Myeloma is treated by a collaborative team of cancer physicians. This team includes hematology doctors who specialize in myeloma. These doctors are leaders in their field with years of clinical and research experience.

Diagnostic testing for myeloma at Miami Cancer Institute include:

• Blood tests – These tests look for excessive amounts of certain blood proteins and low blood counts, which are seen in people with myeloma. They are also used to stage the cancer.

• Urine tests – These tests can also reveal excessive amounts of blood proteins common in myeloma.

• Bone marrow aspiration or biopsy – These tests examine a sample of liquid bone marrow or solid bone marrow for the presence of excess plasma cells, which indicate myeloma.


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