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Myeloma UK

22 Logie Mill
Beaverbank Business Park
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Myeloma UK is the only organization in the United Kingdom dealing exclusively with myeloma goal to find a cure. The organization is dedicated to myeloma patients – making sure they get access to the right treatment at the right time.

They continually strive to improve standards of treatment and care through research, education and raising awareness of myeloma. The organization receives no government funding and relies almost entirely on voluntary donations and fundraising. 

Myeloma UK organization is committed to:

• Being collaborative and results driven with a focus on investing in patient-centered research.

• Improving standards of treatment and care through education and raising awareness.

• Working with industry and decision-makers to ensure patients get access to the right treatment at the right time.

• Providing a range of information and support services to patients, family and friends to help them deal with everything a myeloma diagnosis brings.


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