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The Peripheral Nerve Center at Johns Hopkins

The Johns Hopkins Hospital
1800 Orleans St
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
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The Peripheral Nerve Center at Johns Hopkins was founded to provide the highest quality care for peripheral nerve diseases, including surgical options, and to generate new understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of nerve diseases through research. 
Johns Hopkins neurologist Michael Polydefkis is one of the few neurologists in the United States who specializes in treating hATTR amyloidosis. A disease caused by one of 120 different point mutations—a one-letter swap in a person’s genetic code—affects a protein known as transthyretin (TTR). 
The Peripheral Nerve Center strives to provide the best possible care to the patient and their families. This includes a holistic approach addressing the total wellbeing of the patient. The clinicians of the Peripheral Nerve Center have access to outstanding diagnostic laboratories. The electrophysiology lab is one of the foremost clinical and research groups in the world for electromyography (EMG), nerve conduction studies (NCV’s), and specialized techniques such as single fiber recordings. 


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