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Saint Luke’s Amyloid Program

Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City
4401 Wornall Road
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
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The Saint Luke’s Amyloid Program, comprised of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, is dedicated to diagnosing and treating patients with all forms of amyloidosis. This comprehensive team includes cardiology, hematology, nephrology, and neurology physicians. Members of the team have extensively published research and been involved in clinical trials, and are committed to treatment of amyloidosis in their patients.

Saint Luke’s Health System includes 16 hospitals and campuses across the Kansas City region, home care and hospice, behavioral health care, dozens of physician practices, a life care senior living community, and more. 

Saint Luke’s Hospital offers a variety of diagnostic tests that can lead to amyloidosis diagnosis. These tests include:

• Specialized blood and urine tests

• Markers of heart, kidney, and liver dysfunction

• Advanced echocardiography with longitudinal strain analysis

• Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

• Technetium pyrophosphate nuclear scintigraphyThe team includes healthcare professionals in the following areas:

• Biopsy of the bone marrow, heart, kidneys, or soft tissue in of the abdomen

The team includes healthcare professional in the following area:

Brett W. Sperry, MD

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