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University of Chicago Medicine Cardiac Amyloidosis Program

5841 S. Maryland Avenue
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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The University of Chicago Medicine is one of only a few institutions in the country that specialize in cardiac amyloidosis. Their Cardiac Amyloidosis Program includes a team of multidisciplinary experts who have the experience to diagnose and treat this complex condition.

University of Chicago Medicine is committed to offering patients the best quality of life during and after treatment and they are doing groundbreaking research into the disease and its causes, so that they can identify high-risk patients and develop effective, long-term treatments. They also offer genetic testing for patients and their families.

While several types of amyloidosis affect the heart, their cardiologists primarily treat the following two types of Amyloidosis:

• AL amyloidosis (also called primary amyloidosis.

• TTR amyloidosis 

The team includes healthcare professionals in the following areas:

Amit R. Patel, MD; Nitasha Sarswat, MD


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