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The University of Kansas Health System
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Kansas City, Kansas, United States
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The University of Kansas Health System offers the first and only multidisciplinary amyloid program in the Kansas City area and the surrounding region. The specialists here collaborate to provide complete expertise. Together, they treat amyloidosis and its effects on multiple systems in the body. They offer the most advanced treatments for the most serious forms of amyloid. 
Amyloidosis requires collaborative care from multiple specialists. The Amyloidosis Program at University of Kansas Health System is one of the nation’s top programs for the treatment of this disease. 
The Center brings together experts from across specialties to address the effects of amyloidosis on multiple systems of the body. The care team includes:
• Hematologist-oncologist
• Neurologist
• Cardiologist
• Gastroenterologist
• Blood and marrow transplantation specialist
• Hepatologist
• Gastroenterologist
• Nephrologist
• Cardio-oncologist
• Transplant surgeon

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