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The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Texas, United States
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The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center is one of the world’s top academic medical centers with multidisciplinary groups of health care professionals coming together in a collaborative fashion to diagnose, treat, and cure patients with high-quality health care in a medically safe environment at every step of their evaluation and treatment.

UT Southwestern Medical Center physicians have extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating complex heart conditions such as cardiac amyloidosis. The Center takes a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to treatment, bringing together experts from throughout UT Southwestern – all with the goal of providing patients personalized care to relieve their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

At UT Southwestern, a multidisciplinary group of physicians, led by Justin Grodin, M.D., M.P.H., and Ankit Kansagra, M.D., is at the forefront of research on diagnosis and treatment for various types of amyloidosis. A team of cardiologists, neurologists, pathologists, and other experts develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

The team includes healthcare professionals in the following areas:

Hematology and Oncology:

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