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Abdominal Wall Fat Pad Biopsy

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source: A.D.A.M. Multimedia Encyclopedia, Penn State Hershey Medical Center


An abdominal wall fat pad biopsy is the removal of a small part of the abdominal wall fat pad for laboratory study of the tissue.

Alternative Names
Amyloidosis – abdominal wall fat pad biopsy; Abdominal wall biopsy; Biopsy – abdominal wall fat pad
How the Test is Performed?
Needle aspiration is the most common method of taking an abdominal wall fat pad biopsy.
The health care provider cleans the skin on your belly area. Numbing medicine may be applied on the area. A needle is placed through the skin and into the fat pad under the skin. A small piece of the fat pad is removed with the needle. It is sent to a laboratory for analysis.
How to Prepare for the Test?
No special preparation is usually necessary. However, follow any specific instructions your provider gives you.
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