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Cardiac Amyloidosis: An Update on Diagnosis and Treatment

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source: Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine

year: 2017

authors: Donnelly JP, Hanna M


Cardiac amyloidosis (CA), once thought to be a rare disease, is increasingly recognized due to enhanced clinical awareness and better diagnostic imaging. CA is becoming of heightened interest to the cardiology community given more effective treatment strategies for light chain amyloidosis (AL), as well as emerging therapies for transthyretin amyloidosis (ATTR). Furthermore, reversing amyloid deposition in affected organs using monoclonal antibodies is actively being tested in clinical trials. A high index of suspicion and a systematic approach to the diagnosis of CA can lead to referral to a center of expertise for timely treatment.

organization: Cleveland Clinic, USA

DOI: 10.3949/ccjm.84.s3.02

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