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Talking With Your Doctor About hATTR Amyloidosis

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Are You Experiencing Symptoms and Suspect hATTR?

  • If you know you have a family history of hATTR amyloidosis, make sure to compile your healthcare records to help aid conversation with your doctor. Giving your doctor a comprehensive explanation of your family symptoms and how it has impacted your relatives can help with diagnosis.
    TIP: Try to think back if deceased family members were affected by one of the symptoms of hATTR amyloidosis, as they may have unknowingly been affected by the disease.
  • Be prepared to provide your doctor with an overview of all of your symptoms. It is important to keep in mind that symptoms often seem unrelated, so be sure to consult the hATTR amyloidosis symptom checklist to learn more about the way the disease can manifest. The more educated you are on the disease, the better you can speak to your symptoms.
  • Come prepared with any medical records or tests performed previously. The more information your doctor has the easier it will be to decide a course of action.
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