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Tips for Managing Your Professional Life With hATTR Amyloidosis

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Telling your employer about your hATTR amyloidosis diagnosis is a personal choice. If you decide to tell your employer about your diagnosis, write down what you want to say and review it with loved ones and friends. Practice what you want to say until you feel comfortable. Keeping it simple is key.
In addition, it might be helpful to make a list of people who need to know about your hATTR amyloidosis diagnosis. Think about whether you want to let your co-workers know what’s going on and how much they need to know. It is your choice who you decide to share this news with and how much information you choose to share.
Talk When You are Ready
If you do decide to tell co-workers, you can start by talking with and getting ideas from someone you trust at work. Some people tell co-workers in a group via a carefully planned email or brief statement in a meeting, so that everyone starts with a basic understanding of what’s happening.


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