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Community Leader

Daniel Drimer, BA

Community Leader
Amyloidosis Israel Organization
Daniel Drimer was born in 1955 in Romania and immigrated to Israel in 1970. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and until the year 2009, he worked at various high-tech companies as a software engineer.

It was in 2009 when Drimer was diagnosed with AL amyloidosis. He, then, underwent a self-bone marrow transplant in 2009, and after the recurrence of the disease, he was treated with Velcade (VCD) twice and then with Carfilzomib. Since 2015, he has not been receiving any medication.

In 2011, Daniel’s colleague Sarah Sherwood organized activities aimed at helping amyloidosis patients and promoting awareness of the disease in the medical community. Then, both Drimer and Sherwood worked together to gather more members and in November 2016, they founded Amyloidosis Isreal Organization

Drimer is married, is a father of three and grandfather of seven.


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