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Community Leader

Sarah Sherwood, BA

Community Leader
Amyloidosis Israel Organization

Sara Sherwood was born in Kiryat Ata and did her graduation (BA) in Law and Geography, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During her academic life, she also took a tour guide course in the Ministry of Tourism and worked on group guidance. She became a lawyer in 1989 and currently serves as a legal advisor in a government company.

Following a cardiac arrest she received in 2004, she was diagnosed with AL amyloidosis and underwent two bone marrow transplants in a Boston hospital, one in 2004 and the other in 2006. After recurrence of the disease, she was treated first with Bortezomib and then with Velcade (VCD).

About three years after the treatment began, her illness stabilized, her friend Laci Kemer was the first to work with amyloidosis patients and had support groups. In 2011, along with Danny Dreamer (Daniel Drimer), they expanded their activities to help patients with amyloidosis and promote awareness of the disease in the medical community. In addition, they worked together to gather more members, and in November 2016, they founded the Amyloidosis Israel Organization.

Sara Sherwood is a member of the association committee from its inception in November 2016. She is married and is a mother to a daughter and two sons.


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