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Amyloidosis Center of Heidelberg University Hospital

Building 6410
In the Neuenheimer field 410
Heidelberg, Germany
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In October 2008, the Amyloidosis Center was founded at the University of Heidelberg. The main task of the amyloidosis center is the interdisciplinary diagnosis, counseling and treatment of patients with amyloidosis diseases. 
A group of experts from various fields have come together at the Amyloidosis Center at Heidelberg University Hospital to collaboratively diagnose and treat the rare medical condition – amyloidosis. We use our extensive knowledge on an interdisciplinary basis to provide the best possible treatment for our patients.
Medical specialists from departments like anesthesiology, surgery, gastroenterology, hematology/oncology, cardiac surgery, human genetics, cardiology, nephrology, neurology, and rheumatology etc work collaboratively at the Amyloidosis Center in Heidelberg. The success of this close cooperation is reflected by the continuously increasing number of patients from all parts of Germany treated at Heidelberg University Hospital, which currently treats more than 1500 patients with systemic amyloidosis, the largest group of such patients in the country. Treatment is provided in different departments of the medical center, depending on the treatment focus.
After a specific diagnosis has been established regarding the type of amyloidosis, the medical specialists at our Amyloidosis Center will recommend an individual, interdisciplinary treatment strategy that matches the type and extent of the disorder. The strategy will be aimed at the cause of the disorder and will attempt to prevent additional amyloid being deposited. The therapy must start as early as possible, as amyloid that has already been deposited cannot be removed from the tissues.