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David Jennings

fibrinogenamyloidosis.com (Blog)
Concord, North Carolina, United States

David Jennings first heard the word “amyloidosis” when his mother’s kidney biopsy tested positive for amyloid in 2010. That was the beginning of his journey into the world of amyloidosis as he helped his mother navigate the process of determining what type of amyloidosis she had, eventually leading them to the Boston University Amyloidosis Center where it was determined she had a rare hereditary type called fibrinogen amyloidosis. David then began collecting medical journal articles about the disease and informing other family members of his mother’s diagnosis. Genetic testing subsequently showed that David inherited the fibrinogen mutation from his mother, but fortunately he is still asymptomatic as of 2019.

David maintains the blog www.fibrinogenamyloidosis.com where he documents his family’s journey with the disease and provides readily accessible resources for other fibrinogen amyloidosis patients. He lives with his wife in North Carolina.

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