Charlotte Haffner | oneAMYLOIDOSISvoice
Community Leader

Charlotte Haffner

Community Leader
Community Builder
Amyloidosis Foundation
7151 N. Main St.
Ste. 2
Clarkston, Michigan, United States
Charlotte Haffner is the first Vanderbilt patient to receive both a heart transplant and a stem cell transplant. She has certainly learned that life is all about the journey. Since her diagnosis seven years ago, Charlotte has dedicated her life to promoting amyloidosis awareness and support to those affected by this disease. She volunteers on behalf of the Amyloidosis Foundation at their awareness booth at medical conferences, leads the foundation support group at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and has made numerous press appearances to generate awareness of amyloidosis.
She is an excellent community builder, and has been involved in many fundraisers, including Co-Chairman of the 2015 Nashville Gala. Charlotte has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Amyloidosis Foundation since 2014. Her support group meets monthly in The Vanderbilt Clinic.


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