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Van Selby, MD

Healthcare Professional
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Division of Cardiology
University of California San Francisco
505 Parnassus Ave.
San Francisco, California, United States
Dr. Van Selby is a cardiologist who specializes in caring for patients with advanced heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. His expertise includes the evaluation and long-term management of patients requiring heart transplantation and left ventricular assist devices.
Dr. Selby has a particular interest in treating patients with heart failure due to cardiac amyloidosis, in which the deposit of certain proteins in the heart leads to thickening and loss of function. He works closely with hematology and oncology experts to provide these patients with integrated, individualized care. Dr. Selby’s research interests include outcomes in patients with heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. He has received a research fellowship award from the Heart Failure Society of America. He is also involved in several clinical trials of treatments for heart failure and pulmonary hypertension.
Dr. Van Selby earned his medical degree from University of California San Francisco (UCSF), where he also completed his residency and a fellowship in cardiology. He subsequently completed an advanced heart failure and heart transplant fellowship at UCSF. Dr. Selby serves as an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Division of Cardiology at UCSF.
Research Publications: 



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