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Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute

3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, Oregon, United States
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The Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Knight Cancer Institute, known as one of the pioneers in personalized cancer medicine, is an international leader in research and cancer treatment. Driven by its mission to end cancer, the institute is building upon its expertise in targeted treatments to advance the early detection of cancer when the disease is most treatable.

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Director Brian Druker, M.D., revolutionized the treatment of cancer through research that resulted in the first drug to target the molecular defect of a cancer while leaving healthy cells unharmed. Marketed under the name Gleevec®, his discovery turned a once-fatal cancer, chronic myeloid leukemia, into a manageable condition.

At the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, a team of doctors, nurses and therapists is dedicated to diagnosing, treating and managing amyloidosis. Their amyloidosis doctors have extensive knowledge about amyloidosis diagnosis and treatment and meet weekly to discuss all patients, benefiting them of the entire team’s knowledge and expertise.