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Present Troubles Racing

125 Cornerstone Circle
Franklin, Texas, United States
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Present Troubles Racing is a non-profit organization that raises funds and awareness about amyloidosis and support individuals and their families who are affected by this life threatening disease through participation in multi-sport events such as running, biking, and triathlons. The majority of their funds come from private donations, although fundraising events are in planning stages. These funds are separated and distributed to three different entities. 
A portion of the proceeds go to the Amyloid Foundation to help fund research and clinical trials. Another portion goes to Secure Harbor; an organization that helps Amyloid patients get to the right doctors and treatment facilities. Secure Harbor helps patients and their families with travel and lodging expenses while away from home.
The remaining portion is distributed to stem cell patients at Vanderbilt Medical Center in the form of local restaurant gift cards. These patients are hospitalized for 1-2 months while undergoing stem cell transplant. These gift cards help support patients and their families during this difficult time.


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