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Amyloidosis is a rare protein deposition disease. It is caused by amyloid, an abnormal protein that can build up in body tissue or organs. When amyloid protein deposits increase, it interferes with function and may cause organ failure. Systemic amyloidosis is the most common. Although amyloidosis is not cancer, it may be associated with blood cancers like multiple myeloma.

Sylvester specialists see the most cases of amyloidosis in Florida and have investigator-initiated clinical trials and a large amyloid support group. Amyloidosis can affect many organs and lead to multiple organ failures. Treatment here is handled by a collaborative multi-disciplinary team. The multidisciplinary team includes hematologic oncologists, cardiologists and cardiac and liver transplant specialists. As members of the National Consortium of Amyloid Trial Centers, your Sylvester specialist has access to even more clinical trials.

One program unique to Sylvester is an amyloid early detection program. We screen people with carpal tunnel syndrome for amyloidosis. The syndrome can be an early sign of amyloidosis. That allows us to pick up the disease early and start treatment, making for a better prognosis. 


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