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Troubleshooting Advice for Patients Taking Drugs for AL Amyloidosis

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source: University College London


AL amyloidosis is treated with the same set of chemotherapy drugs that are used to treat multiple myeloma. However, it is important for patients with AL amyloidosis to be aware of concerns that are specifically related to their condition. Some of the issues requiring particular care are addressed in this information sheet.

Fluid balance

Many patients with AL amyloidosis should limit their fluid intake.

This advice is extremely important, but is often overlooked. Patients receiving chemotherapy for other conditions that are not AL amyloidosis are often correctly told to ‘drink plenty’ to avoid dehydration. But in AL amyloidosis affecting the heart and/or the kidneys, this advice may be inappropriate and can prove dangerous.

Patients with AL amyloidosis often have amyloid deposits in the kidneys and/or in the heart. These two problems mean that the body is unable to cope well with excess fluids.

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