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Medstar Southern Maryland Hospital Center

7503 Surratts Rd
Clinton, Maryland, United States
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MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center is a medical center that not only treats illnesses and injuries but also promotes wellness and community health. It is well known for extensive clinical outreach services, support groups, and health education programs. They also provide wellness services, including cardiac risk reduction, diabetes self-management, and weight management. 
MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center is leading the way by providing the highest quality clinical care with advanced technology, innovative medical services, and the region’s top doctors.
Multiple myeloma specialists at the Hospital are highly experienced to create a personalized treatment plan for patients. In making recommendations, the team considers:
• Age and overall health
• Symptoms
• The cancer’s stage
• Test results, include genetic analysis of the tumor
• How the cancer responds to initial treatment
• Whether the cancer is newly diagnosed or has returned (recurred)


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