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The Princess Alexandra Hospital Amyloidosis Centre

199 Ipswich Road
Woolloongabba, Queensland, Australia
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The Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) Amyloidosis Centre aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of all patients with amyloidosis. This is being done through a program of co-ordinated clinical care, patient education and support, training of doctors and research into better diagnostic and monitoring tools, as well as clinical trials of new treatments.
The clinic is staffed by a team of health professionals which includes cardiologists, hematologists, neurologists, renal physicians, pathologists, specialized nurses, social workers and a support and education officer. Other specialist services from within the PAH are available depending on individual needs.
PAH Amyloidosis clinic was established in 2009 and offers services to patients with all types of amyloidosis including:

• Diagnosis of amyloidosis
• Amyloidosis typing
• Assessment of organ and tissue damage
• Treatment advice
• Treatment care
• Referral for genetic testing
• Information about available treatment trials
• Support and education


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