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What to Expect on Your hATTR Amyloidosis Journey

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Family History
Given the hereditary (runs in some families) nature of hATTR amyloidosis, you may have first become aware of hATTR amyloidosis through patterns in your family’s medical history that offered clues for diagnosis. Watching a family member go through their hATTR amyloidosis journey may have shaped the way you perceive hATTR amyloidosis symptoms and treatment options – Get tested right away or choose to wait.
Making a Choice
Having a family member with hATTR amyloidosis means that it is possible you might have a gene change (known as a genetic mutation) for hATTR amyloidosis as well. Knowing this, there are two courses of action to discuss with your healthcare team.
Symptom Development
Even with a family history of hATTR amyloidosis, often times people mistake symptoms as part of the normal aging process and not signs of a more serious health problem. You may find yourself going through temporary periods of good health, but the source of your health issues remains overlooked or continue over time.


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