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Stephen E. Fink Memorial Fund

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Truckee, California, United States
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Stephen E. Fink was a son, a brother, an uncle, and a father. Born on December 2, 1950, Steve was the youngest of four children. He grew up in Claremont and later West Covina. In September 2009, Steve complained of shortness of breath, fatigue, and leg swelling. After extensive tests, this healthy, active, charismatic man was told that he had a very rare, blood disease called amyloidosis. With all of his heart, he fought this disease, losing the battle in late January 2010.
The Stephen E. Fink Memorial Fund has been created to remember this incredible man and to raise money to bring awareness, research, and treatment to amyloidosis. Pasadena Sandwich Company has created a sandwich called “The Big Steve” in his memory and all proceeds of this sandwich are donated into his fund. PSC t-shirt and hat sales also contribute to the Stephen E. Fink Memorial Fund on a daily basis.
We all have our hearts into the research and treatment of amyloidosis and all of those out there who may be affected by this horrible disease. Steve’s fun-loving, friendly, and optimistic attitude will encourage community-inspired events that will bring awareness to amyloidosis.


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